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Main Benefits

  1. The main applicant and the dependents will benefit from visa-free travel within Schengen area;

  2. Opportunity to apply for a long-term residency status after residing in Malta for five years;

  3. The ability to apply for a work permit and live indefinitely in Malta;

  4. Access to a top-tier education hub based on the British model;

  5. No physical presence requirement in Malta;

  6. The main applicant and his/her children has the possibility to add further beneficiaries after a successful application by paying an additional contribution after a positive due diligence check including the spouse and children of approved dependents.

  7. When becoming a Maltese tax residence the applicant may choose to pay income tax on a remittance basis. Further tax advice on your personal circumstances is highly recommended;

  8. Malta is among the top European countries that respect LGTBIQ  rights;

  9. No language requirements to benefit from programme;

  10. Access to a reputable healthcare system ranked 5th globally.




All Third country nationals, excluding EU, EEA and Switzerland are eligible. The main applicant must prove that he has more than €500,000 in assets out of which €150,000 must be in financial assets.

Nationals from the currently sanctioned countries of (or have close ties with) Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran,

Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Venezuela are ineligible.

The list of ineligible countries may be revised from time to time by the Agency at its discretion.

Every applicant must ensure they are of good reputation and are subject to a tight due diligence process including intensive background checks. The main applicant and his dependants must not be a person listed with INTERPOL or EUROPOL.


Furthermore, all applicants 14 years and over should provide a clean criminal record. Applicants must also confirm that they do not suffer from any contagious diseases.

The new MPRP program, the main applicant will pay a €98,000 fee   and  contribution if they rent a property. If the main applicant opts to buy a property the fees and contribution are reduced to €68,000 .Additionally there is a contribution payable by each dependent in the amount of €7,500 and €5,000 Euros for each child, over 18 years of age. Main applicants will be required to show proof that they made a donation to a Maltese-registered NGO in the amount of €2,000 Euros.

The property requirement is satisficed by providing proof of a purchase of a property worth €350,000 Euros in the northern and central parts of Malta, and €300,000 in the south of Malta or Gozo. While the rental requirement will be satisfied by proof of a rent of a property worth €12,000 Euros per annum in the northern and central parts of Malta, and €10,000 in the south of Malta or Gozo

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